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Cuddling a furry friend

Let’s face it getting old can be lonely. It becomes so much more difficult to participate in once enjoyed activities and interactions, especially when one’s mind is not what it used to be. But since time immemorial there has been one source of comfort and companionship – caring for pets.

Once, written in Olde English, was doctor’s prescription for a Queen of England, where treatment for a cold included keeping a ‘comforte dog’ on her lap for warm. In freezing, draughty castles, lap dogs were bred for this purpose. But anyone who has cuddled a furry friend know that warmth, joy and comfort go together.

Having a live pet interact with Seniors or those with Dementia, while desirable, is not always possible. Plush stuffed animals are a wonderful substitute.

With no danger of being injured, many have found joy and comfort when stroking the luxuriant fur of an adorable plush pet.

Therapeutic qualities – Dementia & loneliness

Those with Dementia, seem to benefit greatly. They are not just playing with a toy, the stroking or petting actually lowers blood pressure and seems to be a therapeutic mood booster and is often used to calm agitation.

Dementia sufferers do not worry about tomorrow. The past comes and goes. They are all about the present. A stuffed animal is tangible. It can be gripped, felt and squeezed without reacting or causing injury by fighting back. It is in the here and now.

The stuffed animal is accessible anywhere, any time and can become pivotal to social interaction, and occasionally, miraculously, connect the present to the past. It also gives them something to chat about.

For many Seniors with Dementia, cuddling a stuffed animal can stir emotions that miraculously lift the veil, however briefly, connecting the present to the past as they recall pets and their funny exploits. Such a welcome relief for those dealing with the sadness of this degenerative disease.

So if you are a pet person, aware of the joy an animal can bring, and you want to share that joy with your loved one with Dementia or another lonely senior person in your community, do not hesitate to buy them a Bocchetta Plush Toy.

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