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FurTastic Friends auctioned to raise funds for vulnerable children

We have already helped to raise $4000.00 for Friends with Dignity.

Friends with Dignity is a collaborative national Not For Profit focused on improving the quality of life of any Adult and Child impacted by Domestic Violence through the provision of financial and tangible resources, programs and scholarships and enhancing the personal safety of individuals.
Fergie, the beautiful plush stuffed Saint Bernard, was auctioned at a recent fund-raising event and fetched an incredible price of $1000.00!!!
In addition to providing big companion dogs to be auctioned off, we have an ongoing Buy a Buddy campaign. For every donation over $25 given directly to Friends with Dignity for this program, we donate a Plush Buddy to a domestic violence child survivor.  The money raised goes towards the Little Friends Requests. Little Friends Requests are filled for children in refuge or that have already settled in their new homes. The family may have just arrived in the refuge and need some nappies for their baby, school items, extra-curricula equipment or fees paid…and the list goes on.

Over 100 children now have their very own “plush buddy”.  Plush stuffed animals serve as a source of emotional comfort and a symbol of stability for children who have faced the upheaval of domestic violence. These soft and cuddly companions provide a sense of security and familiarity, offering a refuge from the turmoil they have witnessed. Children can confide in their plush friends, sharing their fears and emotions without judgment or retribution. The physical presence of a stuffed animal can help alleviate anxiety, promote relaxation, and restore a sense of safety, particularly during moments of distress or uncertainty. In situations of domestic violence, children often feel powerless and out of control. Plush stuffed animals empower them by providing a sense of control in a world that seems chaotic. Children can make decisions and care for their stuffed animals, fostering a sense of responsibility and self-efficacy. This newfound control helps rebuild their self-esteem, counteracting the helplessness they may have experienced in abusive environments.


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