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Corporate Social Responsibility

give back

Supporting Mental Health

Bindoon Mobile Recovery Campaign Inc

Dogs used for suicide awareness

BMRC (Bindoon Mobile Recovery Campaign Inc) is a community-funded organization that exists to support people, and those around them, who suffer from depression, anxiety, abuse, alcoholism, information on gambling addiction, suicide, loss and other mental health issues.  They do this through direct support, provision of resources, and creation of public awareness.  As a community service, they are completely reliant on the support of those businesses able and willing to contribute.

“The dogs have been such a valuable asset, as people are drawn to them as it represents the dark side of life, yet adds comfort that things will get better if you hold on, after all stars shine the brightest in the darkest of nights ….”

Supporting Australian Animals

We LOVE Australian animals and support many of our local conservation initiatives.

Koala Rescue Queensland

Koala Rescue (2)

Koala Rescue Queensland is a not-for-profit 24-hour rescue service for sick, injured and orphaned koalas throughout Queensland. Based in the Sunshine Coast they receive calls from far and wide. They also provide transfers from vets, hospitals, carers and other rescue services to wildlife hospitals.  In addition to this, they work with schools and communities to promote awareness about habitat protection and the risks associated with the decline in koala numbers from dog attacks, road trauma and diseases. They also regularly plant new koala food trees in Queensland to promote future habitat for our koalas.

We donate “surrogate mums” and additional plush koalas that are used for fundraising and sent as thankyou gifts to people who fundraise for Koala Rescue Queensland.

“Our sweet Naughty became instantly attached to your beautiful Willow and snuggled with her all night.  The other 2 young ones immediately scent marked their new mummas”

Save the Bilby Fund

Save the bilby

Bilbies are a ‘keystone’ species. This means that their protection is even more important because their survival in turn increases the chances of 19 other threatened species who share the same habitats. Visit Save the Bilby Fund if you would like to learn more about what they do.

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland

Wildlife Rescue (1)

Founded in 1962 by prominent Australians, Judith Wright, Brian Clouston, David Fleay and Kathleen McArthur, the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (Wildlife Queensland) is the oldest, largest and most respected wildlife-focused conservation group in Queensland. Their mission is to advocate, protect and conserve Queensland’s native terrestrial and marine plants, animals and landscapes by educating and engaging communities, influencing decision-making, advancing solutions and connecting people and wildlife. 

Wildlife Queensland is running an ‘Adopt A Glider’ program available for people to symbolically adopt a glider for one year for a donation starting from $60. The donation directly assists their conservation work for native species. As part of the Adopt A Glider Info Kit, they include Frisbee (our glider plush toy), and larger donation amounts get Frisbee and a mini squirrel glider toys.  They also sell the toys online.  All proceeds are used to help them to protect and conserve native wildlife.

Dimmocks Retreat

Dimmocks charity supported by Bocchetta


Dimmocks Retreat Wildlife Ltd is a registered charity and critical care facility located in Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of Australia.  They work with licensed rehabilitators and veterinary practices in providing professional levels of veterinary care.  They sell our toys online and at markets to help raise additional funds.

Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue

Sydney Dingo

Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue is a registered Australian charity foundered in 2012 and run by a small and dedicated group of volunteers. We are unique in that we work with the least popular animals in Australia. These include foxes, dingoes, rabbits, rats, deer and ferrets, to name a few. They have rescued and re-homed over 300 of these animals over the past 7 years and currently house 16 foxes, 37 dingoes, 6 cats and 2 birds. Many of their animals are lucky enough to find perfect homes after being rehabilitated, desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, while others will live out their days with them at their shelter situated on 100 acres of bushland in rural NSW. A big part of their work also consists of education and advocacy, fighting for better rights and legislation for animals.  The link to their website is Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue.  We donate many toys for their online auctions which help to raise much needed funds.

Supporting Conservation through Education

Green Heroes

Green Heroes

Green Heroes takes children on a journey of exploration into the intricate weavings of all living things, through nature-based experiences, interactive games and guided activities.  Their education programs have a specific emphasis on learning through imaginative play, to foster connections with the natural world.

Their programs include habitat restoration for native wildlife, youth conservation action programs and support of adoption programs – connecting classrooms to carers.  Green Heroes make beautiful hospital role play wildlife kits for schools that allow children to engage in imaginative play and role play while learning about wildlife care.  The kits include our native animal plush toys, picture case study cards, X-rays for a light box, vet/medical props (bandages, bottles, teats and pouches) and wildlife hospital signage.

Supporting Children

We are also passionate about helping children.

Starlight Children’s Foundation


Starlight Children’s Foundation brightens the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children and young people by replacing pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter. Since its establishment in 1988, Starlight has expanded to become the broadest reaching and most trusted children’s charity in Australia. There is now a Starlight Express Room in every children’s hospital in the country and nearly 200 Captain Starlights nationwide. Last year, Starlight granted over 520 life-changing Starlight Wishes to seriously ill children, young people and their families.  Please visit this link to support Starlight Children’s Foundation

The presence of our forever friends is often called upon to provide comfort to these young children, generally forming part of the wishlist package.

The Pyjama Foundation

Bocchetta supports the National Pyjama Foundation

The Pyjama Foundation has trained more than 5000 Pyjama Angels since 2004, who provide literacy, numeracy, life-skills and mentoring support to children in out-of-home care.

 Pyjama Angels are volunteers from the community who are screened, trained and supported to create positive relationships with children in care; empowering them with learning, life skills and confidence.

Pyjama Angels implement the Love of Learning Program which is a learning-based mentoring program for children in care. Pyjama Angels visit a foster child in their home for up to an hour a week, assisting them with reading and writing, and providing consistent love and support.

Maru Koala & Animal Park – Dreamnight at the Zoo

Maru dreamnight

In November each year, Maru Koala & Animal Park runs “Dreamnight at the Zoo” where children with a life-threatening illness or special needs and their families are invited to enjoy the animal park, mini-golf, carnival rides and more free activities.  We send small toys to form part of the wonderful gift bags that are presented to these children.

Ethical Supply Chain

An ethical supply chain is of the utmost importance to us.  We subscribe to the ICTI Ethical Toy Program which requires our factories to uphold minimum standards to support the rights and well-being of factory workers. The audits address discrimination, disciplinary practices, employee representation, employee practices, environmental & chemical safety, modern slavery, workplace safety, underage labour, wages and working hours.

Environmental Responsibilities

At the warehouse

We strive to comply with environmental legislation and continually seek to improve our environmental performance:

We regularly survey our business to ensure that we are using energy and water efficiently and whether our measures to reduce waste and pollution are effective;

We raise awareness, encourage participation and train our employees in environmental matters;

We expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors;

We only use biodegradable chemicals;

We do not use chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other ozone-depleting substances.


We recycle our packaging materials – our boxes and large polybags are re-used to package orders for dispatch and damaged boxes are cut down and sent to a cardboard recycling centre.

Shredded paper is dropped off at a local pet shop to be used in the animal cages

The stuffing in the toys is recyclable


We ensure that our operations and factories meet industry good practice in terms of environmental management.  Environmental audits are carried out to assess environmental credentials to ensure that national and international environmental regulations are being met including environmental management systems, energy use, transport and greenhouse gases, emissions to air, water use, including wastewater/effluents, waste management, pollution prevention/hazardous and potentially hazardous substances, major incident prevention and management, contaminated land/soil and groundwater pollution prevention, land use and biodiversity.

We are a Fair Trade’ supporting workplace

Fairtrade supports marginalised farmers, workers and the environment in developing countries, enabling them to build a better and more secure life for themselves, their families and communities. The Fairtrade Mark shows that the Fairtrade ingredients in the product have been produced by small-scale farmer organisations or plantations that meet internationally agreed Fairtrade social, economic and environmental standards. Bocchetta Plush Toys strongly believes in fair and ethical procurement for our organisation and commits to purchasing Fairtrade certified products.