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Norma Ford in our Arcare Hope Island community is a big fan of dogs, having grown up with them since she was a little girl.

“Dogs are my favourite; I am an only child, so my dogs kept me company,”

“I lived by the sea and had plenty of space to run around with them,” she said.

Holding tight onto her Furtastic Friend, a Boston Bulldog gifted by Bocchetta Plush Toys, Norma was quick to rename him Peter.

The dogs from her past were Bonnie, Sunny and Foxie and although she had many dogs in her life, Kuno the White English Bull Dog was her favourite.

She was a part of Norma’s life for eight years and as Norma did not have any children, Kuno went everywhere and did everything with them.

“She was very special to me; Kuno also did her part for her country as a Navy Cadet,” she shared.

Norma loved gardening and Keno would always be by her side, scaring the fishes away as she drank from the pond.

Kuno passed away after giving birth to four beautiful puppies.

Norma shared with us saying, “I could not go through life without a dog; they were my world.”

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