Blitz – Border Collie with satin pocket/pouch with a zip Size 62cm/24.5″.

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The stuffing for Blitz was made using 26 recycled plastic bottles from regenerated ocean waste ūüź¨ūüź†

Blitz comes with a zipped satin pocket/pouch and is a really cute realistic almost lifesize stuffed plush Border Collie in black and white.  Our cuddly sheepdog plushie is a quality-made lying soft toy.  He is one of our most popular 62cm dogs Рparticularly for retailers with elderly or special needs clients.  

Border Collies, also known as Sheepdogs, are friendly, intelligent and athletic. They are excellent sheep herders but are also happy to round up people and other animals if given the chance.  They are also commonly used for therapy, search and rescue, and as detection dogs.

Blitz measures 62cm/24″ from the front of his paw to the back of his torso, not including his tail or 75cm/30″ with tail and 26cm/10″ in height.

May be claimed under 0103 Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety (Code# 03-040000919-0103-1-1) or 0112 Assistive Equipment for Recreation.

  • Can be converted to a therapy weighted toy by adding weights or bean bags
  • Use him as a Warmie by adding hot water bottles or other heated products of your choice for extra comfort.
  • Use him¬†as a pet memorial or pet cremation urn to store special keepsakes¬†or ashes of a lost furry friend
  • Can be used as a comfort toy or “security blanket”
  • Comfort therapy toy for patients with Dementia
  • The perfect companion for lonely seniors and residents in aged care.
  • Lifelike replacement for a pet that has been lost
  • Substitute emotional support animal¬†providing comfort for people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, Autism and other mental health challenges.
  • Soft and cuddly plush toy item making it the perfect memento gift for the¬†Border Collie lover
  • A great gift to keep on your bed
  • Made using 100% recycled stuffing
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ocean-conscious
  • Machine washable using chemical/soap-free detergents
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Shipping weight – 0.720 kg
  • Barcode # – 8993462119040

Part of the Bocchetta Plush Toys’ “Plushies with pocket / zipped pouch”, “Dogs”,¬† “Border Collie” and “Australian Working Dogs” Soft Toy Collections.

Border Collie (Sheepdog) plush dog toy with satin pocket/pouch with a zip, stuffed animal, Size 62cm/24.5″.¬† Use the pouch to convert him into a warmy, calming lovey, therapeutic comfort toy, sensory weighted toy.¬† Add a small hot water bottle for extra comfort and a bean bag for extra weight, or use it to store pyjamas or as a pet memorial to store special keepsakes of a lost furry friend.

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