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Bindoon Mobile Recovery Campaign Inc

BMRC (Bindoon Mobile Recovery Campaign Inc) is a community-funded organization that exists to support people, and those around them, who suffer from depression, anxiety, abuse, alcoholism, information on gambling addiction, suicide, loss, and other mental health issues.  They do this through direct support, provision of resources, and the creation of public awareness.  As a community service, they are completely reliant on the support of those businesses able and willing to contribute.

BMRC use Rex, our plush kelpie, to attract people to their displays and to raise extra much-needed funds.  They often find that people will approach to “look at the dogs” and then open up while holding them.  Rex is also displayed on business counters to promote suicide awareness and the existence of this wonderful support network.

“The dogs have been such a valuable asset, as people are drawn to them as it represents the dark side of life, yet adds comfort that things will get better if you hold on, after all stars shine the brightest in the darkest of nights ….”

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