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Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue is a registered Australian charity foundered in 2012 and run by a small and dedicated group of volunteers. We are unique in that we work with the least popular animals in Australia. These include foxes, dingoes, rabbits, rats, deer and ferrets, to name a few. They have rescued and re-homed over 300 of these animals over the past 7 years and currently house foxes, dingoes, cats and birds. Many of their animals are lucky enough to find perfect homes after being rehabilitated, desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, while others will live out their days with them at their shelter situated on 100 acres of bushland in rural NSW. A big part of their work also consists of education and advocacy, fighting for better rights and legislation for animals.  The link to their website is Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue

We donate many toys for their online auctions which help to raise much-needed funds. We also provide the toys to them at discounted rates so that they can make a little bit of extra profit from the sale of each one.

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