Our retail customers span the tourism, gifts, and promotional sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand, and further afield including souvenir shops, wildlife parks and conservation centres, online stores, news agencies, boutiques, florists, pharmacies, high-end markets, and other specialist stores.

Other key clients are aged care facilities, hospitals, and special needs schools and organisations that assist with stress, anxiety, depression, mental health, and emotional wellbeing. Our plush toys find welcoming homes in places where a real animal would be problematic and a lifelike substitute emotional support animal would be of greatest benefit.

Our safe, realistic plush animals bring joy to people of all ages, acting as sensory toys for children with autism, Asperger’s, and other special needs. Because our plush dogs and cats are so lifelike and beautiful to the touch, many of our retailers modify them into weighted toys. Our stuffed pets are also extensively used to comfort the elderly and are perfect for use by patients with dementia.

Facilities offering training in animal care, first aid, and veterinary services love using our cuddly and authentic plushies as training aides.

We draw on over 70 years of experience to ensure that we provide the very best products and service to our clients.
Our range expands and changes to suit the customer’s needs and our competent team of agents across Australia are readily available to provide that personal touch so valued by many.

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Wholesale - Bocchetta Plush Toys for kids

Forever Friends

Some of our forever friends are made with a satin pocket so that they can be used as “Warmies” by adding hot water bottles or other heated products of your choice. These soft toys are also popular as pet memorials or pet urns to store special keepsakes or cremation ashes of a lost furry friend.

Our high-quality stuffed animal toys also make outstanding and unique corporate gifts and mascots.

We are also in the business of bespoke plush animals and custom-made plush toys and would love to bring your logo to life or create a beautiful plushie that is exclusively your own.

Our minimum wholesale order spend is $250, which can consist of any combination of over 200 of our soft toys.

Each order of wholesale soft toys is carefully picked, groomed, and packed by members of the Bocchetta Plush Toys’ team. We work hard to reduce the freight costs of your wholesale order by jigsaw packing, and cutting down or building up boxes and contacting you if there are any ‘air spaces.’

We promise personal, friendly service and are happy to help with wholesale soft toy orders by phone, email, fax, or via live chat on our website. We are also available to take you through our showroom via a live video medium of your choice.

You can also download a catalogue and an order form here to make it easy to re-order.