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Founded in 1962 by prominent Australians, Judith Wright, Brian Clouston, David Fleay and Kathleen McArthur, the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (Wildlife Queensland) is the oldest, largest and most respected wildlife-focused conservation group in Queensland. Their mission is to advocate, protect and conserve Queensland’s native terrestrial and marine plants, animals and landscapes by educating and engaging communities, influencing decision-making, advancing solutions and connecting people and wildlife.

Wildlife Queensland is running an ‘Adopt A Glider’ program available for people to symbolically adopt a glider for one year for a donation starting from $60. The donation directly assists their conservation work for native species. As part of the Adopt A Glider Info Kit, they include Frisbee (our glider plush toy), and larger donation amounts get Frisbee and a mini squirrel glider toys.  They also sell the toys online.  All proceeds are used to help them to protect and conserve native wildlife.

We support them by offering discounted rates so that they can add a little extra profit to their sales.

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