FurTastic Friends
for Comfort & Companionship
handcrafted since 1948


Designed in-house
non-allergenic & machine-washable


Substitute emotional support animals
for everyone

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FurTastic Friends by Bocchetta Plush Toys.

Family-Owned Business

Designed with Love in Australia

A lifetime of cuddles — furry, soft stuffed animal that are made to be stroked, loved, and cuddled

Helps bring back memories of a pet or memories of their time in Australia

Comfort toys that are able to be weighted to assist with stress and other disorders

Not treated as "toys" but as "lifelike animal companions" that provide comfort and joy

Based on real animals — no unicorns, pink elephants, or green teddy bears

The opposite of most toy brands which are brash, bright colours aimed at children

Buy for yourself or give a gift to someone who needs it — people battling loneliness, PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Dementia, Alzheimers, and others. Key clients are aged care facilities, hospitals, special needs schools, and organisations that assist with depression, mental health, and emotional wellbeing. These are places where a real animal would be problematic, and a lifelike animal would be of great benefit.

FurTastic Friend - Bocchetta Plush Toys

Lets Find Your FurTastic Friend Made With Love By Bocchetta Since 1948

Our FurTastic Friends are lovingly designed by us and carefully handcrafted to ensure a lifetime of cuddles.  These realistic forever friends are more than plush toys, they are also endearing companions, offering unconditional comfort and joy.

Our unique stuffed animals are ethically-made to last, easy to care for, machine-washable, safe, and hypoallergenic. We use premium quality fabrics, which are dyed using inks that are consistent with reality, brightness, and reliability.

As these are more than plush toys, they make the perfect gift as lifelike animal companions, offering unconditional joy. To make your FurTastic Friends Gift extra special we also offer the option to add an Adoption Certificate or Personalised Card with a special note with each purchase!

Not sure what FurTastic Friend they would love? Simply send a Gift Voucher. There are three different designs to choose from.


Christmas Gifts


Graduation Teddies

Aquatic Animals

Australian Animals




Farm Animals

Key Ring / Bag


New products

Plushies with pocket / zipped pouch




Wild Animals


Do you need an offline copy of our FurTastic Friends Catalogue? 

We have developed a complete catalogue of our unique stuffed animals including all designs for Australiana, Mini’s, Dogs, Cats, Wild Animals, Farm Animals, Puppets, Keyrings, and Sea Creatures. Get your copy below.

Bocchetta Plush Toys

Lifelike Companion Plush Toys

Our FurTastic Friends are lifelike soft toys that can be groomed and stroked, helping to calm and reassure patients with Dementia and Alzheimers. These patients will develop and establish a deep connection with their FurTastic Friends because these stuffed animals are more than just toys — they are based on real animals with real, life-like appearances.

Our Australian souvenirs are great gifts for yourself and for others, sharing the unique and wonderful animals of our continent. Help us create awareness conservation.

More than just souvenirs, our high-quality stuffed animals are even popular as corporate gifts and mascots.

Our high-quality stuffed animal toys are even popular as corporate gifts and mascots.

Soft Toy Collectors

We are also in the business of bespoke plush animals and custom-made plush toys. We would love to bring your logo to life or create a beautiful plushie that is exclusively your own.


The calming, reassuring toy you can cuddle when you want to feel loved/reminisce/comforted is of great quality, hand-made, well-made, made to last, and not mass-produced.

Good for Everyone

These are made to safety standards, ethical production, and materials. They are so lifelike that these toys create a connection — more than a toy, an animal companion.

Customer Testimonials

  • Love the Bocchetta Plush Toys products, and so do our customers! The customer service is second to none, very friendly and prompt. Thanks Bocchetta!

    Nikki Robertson Avatar Nikki Robertson
  • Fantastic customer service! Always calling and checking to see our order has been delivered. Plus their products are of great quality and our customers love them.

    Bev Turner Avatar Bev Turner
  • Our small tourist business in Central Queensland has been purchasing Bocchetta Plush toys for many years. The toys are high quality and the speediness of order... read more

    Katherine Herring Avatar Katherine Herring
  • Lee-Ann and Team at Bocchetta Plush Toys have been absolutely fantastic!! So efficient and easy to talk too. We are extremely impressed with the Plush Dogs we receive and the... read more

    Storn Petterson Avatar Storn Petterson
  • These beautiful plush toys are a delight for all, children through to adults. I have a Pug and it is very life like and cute. There are no parts that... read more

    SAlly Carkeet Avatar SAlly Carkeet