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About Us

Creating joy with lifelike plush animals. Since 1948.

Bocchetta Plush Toys was established in 1948, in Arona, Italy by Giovanni Bocchetta and Clementina Ottobrini. Giovanni was a wood designer by trade and Celementina a seamstress. The young couple met at a doll factory where they both worked. They got married and started their own small business in 1948. Bocchetta Plush Toys began on the ground floor of their home, an old villa named Isola Caprera.

Giovanni adored animals and was inspired to produce stuffed animals instead of dolls. Every toy was hand sewn and they made their own fur. Giovanni spent all of his free time designing new toys - making a wooden carving of each animal before handing them over to Celementina to cover with fabric. The business grew from strength to strength. Giovanni, not able to speak a word of English, flew to New York to purchase two brand new stuffing machines. He also took the toys to trade fairs in Italy and Germany.

Giovanni was awarded the title of Knight of the Work of the Italian Republic by the President because of the success of the little business that he started on the ground floor of his home.

Linda Bocchetta, an Australian citizen, met Luigi (Giovanni and Clementina's son) while she was living in Italy. They continued to operate the family business in Italy together before moving it to Indonesia, where they focused on growing the range and increasing the scope of production. In 2005, they moved the design and wholesale section of the business to Australia where it continues to operate today.

We are now proudly Australian.

  • Soft Fabric

    Our premium quality fabrics are extra soft, offering unconditional
    comfort and joy.

  • Lifelike

    More than plush toys, our plush friends are lifelike animal companions.

  • Lasting Comfort

    Carefully handcrafted to ensure a
    lifetime of cuddles.

  • Eco Friendly

    Our stuffing is made using recycled plastic bottles from regenerated ocean waste.

  • NDIS Registered Provider

    Supporting Australians with disabilities

Handcrafted with Love

Our Mission

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