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Product Care

Plush animals can take a lot of abuse and can also breed bacteria and other nastiness.

To keep them looking (and smelling) their best, give them a good shake and brush them with a regular pet brush.

They can be placed in a plastic bag with cornflour - shaken, removed and then dusted off to remove light dust and dirt. Be mindful not to add water during this procedure. Dry shampoo may work as well. 

Deal with a spill immediately. Shake the toy outside or over a towel and then use a damp sponge to blot or cloth to wipe any leftover residue away. Finish by blotting with a dry towel. Repeat as necessary.

Our furry friends can also be thrown into a washing machine. Best is to use a low temperature on a gentle cycle. Use a wool or hypoallergenic washing detergent. Putting the toy inside the leg of a pair of women’s nylon hose, a pillowcase, or a laundry bag will protect your washing machine from any stray fur.

Leave out in the sun to dry.

Of course, our plush toys can also be dry-cleaned.

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